Hiring Window Cleaning Professionals in Hampstead: Necessity or Luxury?


If you discuss window cleaning issues with your parents or grandparents, they will often rate it as one of the most common household chores. Moreover, they prefer doing window cleaning by hand instead of hiring professional window cleaners. It was true also due to two reasons. First, our parents have a limited source of income; therefore they cannot afford to spend money on household chores like window cleaning, patio cleaning, etc. Second, our mothers and grandmothers were housewives; therefore they have the time and interest to indulge in cleaning tasks.

But of late, people prefer hiring window cleaning professionals. Does hiring professionals mean wastage of money? The answer is No. In the present scenario, hiring a professional window cleaning company has no more remained a luxury. Before unearthing reasons for the same, let’s take a quick look at how our parents accomplish window cleaning tasks.

Materials Required for Home Cleaning

They commonly use those materials, which are even easily available in our kitchens. These materials include white vinegar, water, newspaper, a bucket, a squeegee, a ladder and rubber gloves. Before starting with window cleaning in their Hampstead-based house, they remove screens and curtains. The step-by-step cleaning process followed by them is as follows:

1.They create a window cleaning solution by mixing water and white vinegar in equal quantities.

2.Tearing a newspaper into small pieces.

3.Applying the solution to windows in a circular motion and cleaning it with newspaper. When the newspaper sheet started falling apart, they pick the new one.

4. After applying the solution and cleaning dirty marks, a dry and soft cloth was used for wiping down the windows. This makes windows streak and dirt-free.

These are the steps followed for cleaning windows internally. For external window cleaning by hand, they use ladders. Now, the question arises will this method be applicable today? Will this method give oil-free and smudge-free windows in today’s time? The answer is NO. Many experts unveil the fact that cleaning windows with newspaper leave behind marks that become visible once windows dried up. To add further, even using plain water is not a good choice as it contains chemicals and minerals that leave residual marks after cleaning.

But the harsh fact of that time was our parents believed in doing hard work rather than smart work, therefore they follow all DIY methods for cleaning windows manually. They even do not hesitate in using ladders for cleaning windows externally. But using ladders for cleaning windows on the second and above floor of any building is an extremely risky task. Today’s generation understands this basic fact and thus hires professional window cleaning companies in Hampstead to get their office and home windows crystal clean in a risk-free manner.

Is the risky nature of the job the only factor for hiring professional window cleaners?

No, this is one of the factors but not the main factor. Some other factors which compel people to hire professional window cleaners in the present times are as follows:

1.Presently, both partners work in a family. Therefore, even females do not have time to indulge in window cleaning jobs on weekends.

2.Due to a good source of income, people do not mind hiring professional cleaners once in every 6 months to get excellent cleaning results.

3.Professionals offer window cleaning services on weekends and National holidays. This creates a comfort level for customers to hire services on weekends without taking a day off from their workplace.

4. Some people even manage to clean the windows of a house but when it comes to commercial property, they feel hiring professionals is a safer option.
Owing to these factors, the popularity of window cleaning companies in Hampstead, London is growing at an exponential rate.

How Professionals Clean Windows?

Accumulation of dirt and dust takes place at a fast pace on windows. Especially, if any family lives near the roadside, you will find them cleaning dirty windows on a weekly basis. Adding to their woes, they do not get satisfactory cleaning results even after cleaning windows regularly. This is the main reason that compels even residential property owners to hire professional window cleaning services.

When a family contacts a professional window cleaning company, one of the representatives visit the site and note certain points such as the existing condition of windows, the height of windows, the kind of windows, etc. Based on these pieces of information, they share quotes with customers and decide a date and time for window cleaning. On the specified date, the professional cleaning team arrives at the site in the morning and starts their work. They bring their entire cleaning equipment right from the eco-friendly cleaning solution, filtered water, gloves, mask, squeegees, soft towel, etc.

1. For internal window cleaning, they remove furniture items, carpets and curtains before starting the cleaning. Window cleaning by hand is possible in the case of internal window cleaning both in residential and commercial cleaning. Once they clean windows, they place items in their original positions.

2. For external window cleaning, they determine the height of windows and accordingly, they formulate their cleaning strategy. For instance, it is possible to clean windows externally on the first and second floor with a ladder. But high-rise windows, especially in the case of commercial buildings, use water-fed poles.

3. The cleaning team wears protective clothing like masks, eyewear, gloves and follow the norms of social distancing while performing internal and external window cleaning.

A point worth disclosing is if any customer owns a multi-storied building, they start the cleaning from the top floor and then come downwards i.e. on the first and ground floor.

Usually, it is possible to complete the window cleaning job of a residential building in a day or two. However, the commercial window cleaning may run for a week based on the type of property and the numbers of windows need to clean. It goes without saying that only professionally trained cleaners perform the cleaning jobs of residential and commercial buildings.

When to Hire Professional Window Cleaning Company, Hampstead?

This is an interesting question. You should prefer hiring professional window cleaners in the following situations:
1. When you find cleaning windows with traditional methods a distant dream.
2. When you stay on the second floor or above in any building and are not able to clean windows externally.
3. When you are expecting any client visit in your office and your office windows are in a really bad and dirty condition.
4. Take advantage of emergency window cleaning services when you are expecting any relative in your home the very next day.

These are some of the reasons but if you are a health freak avoid living in spaces having dirt-laden windows. The reason is dirty windows act as a hotbed for insects and mold formation. This poses a serious allergies risk to occupants. Moreover, grime or dirt-laden windows do not allow natural sunlight to penetrate inside the house and block it. Hence, prefer availing professional window cleaning services from a reputed Hampstead, London-based company to keep windows clean and beautiful for a long duration.

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