Window Cleaning By Reach Wash System



Reach & Wash Window Cleaning Systems

The method of domestic and commercial window cleaning we employ is ‘reach wash. We can reach and wash windows using a telescopic water fed pole system that are of various lengths, starting with a small pole for the ground floor and all the way up.
This is a safe, fast, non-intrusive and environmentally-friendly method that leaves a streak-free finish, in a flash.

‘Reach & Wash’ sees our expert cleaning professionals use a water-fed pole window cleaning system to reach and wash all upper floor windows in a domestic home, from the safety of the ground.

Key benefits of ‘Reach & Wash’ include:

-Can clean frames, PVC, fascia, and conservatory roofs, as well as window panes.
-Guarantees no glass will be scratched.
-Reaches previously inaccessible windows with ease, and no disruption to flower beds, lawns, or other features.
-Uses only water – no chemicals – to ensure all surfaces dry to a spotless, streak-free finish.
-Maintains privacy for those in upstairs rooms – nobody looking in the window!

Get the best value for your money

We provide services at a price affordable for you and along with that our great standards of quality service will surely make us your favourite!
We offer professional window cleaning services with our cleaners who are well-trained and vetted to do an extremely fantastic job in keeping your building’s windows bright and clean that you desire. We not only provide you with just clean glass but also ensure that your window’s frames and sills are equally cleaned. You can be benefited to a great extent from our service providers’ expertise in cleaning service.

Better Relationship With Our Customers

Our customer is our priority. We can succeed and perpetuate only if our customers are happy with our service. Therefore we try to give extreme importance to our customers’ needs by providing them their desirable service. We believe to remain trustworthy and reliable so as to make our client’s whole experience delightful and stress-free. We provide a team of trained, highly experienced as well as well-prepared window cleaners who use the most effective tools, non-toxic eco-friendly methods to clean windows that will keep your glass streak-free and clear. We thus ensure that whenever you book us, you get the best possible result for your own residence or for your business premises without facing any sort of trouble and hassle.

Necessity Of Window Cleaning In Your Residence As Well As Business

At Home

When it comes to the beauty of our homes, every one of us believes that our own is the best. But while declaring that our own building looks the best among others we often forget to think about the actual deciding factor that what makes a house stand out among the rest, and that is the crystal clear look of our windows. Just having a great lawn is not enough to make our house look the best. To make your dream house truly appreciable in all aspects you must consider window cleaning as the most important thing. The appearance and value of your home are important and clean windows help in maintaining the curb appeal. Window cleaning is one of the most essential tools which helps in maintaining the attractive look of your house.

At Office

Your company’s culture is reflected by the business environment you maintain, so it is very important that you take care of the space where your customers will visit or your employees are working. To make the atmosphere of your business productive, you must choose to hire the service of professional window cleaning. It is important to hire a professional service to keep your windows away from the dirt, dust, and grime that gets accumulated over time. Clean windows not only helps in protecting everyone in the premise against disease and allergies, but it will also let sufficient amount of natural light enter your space.

We’d be very happy to discuss how we can help with your window cleaning requirements. If you’re after a competitive quote please contact us to discuss your exact requirements so we can advise you how our services can be a great fit for you.


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