Why do you clean windows on the rain?


Rain is dirty water. Lets face it, you would not drink it would you? So logic probably makes you think there is no point cleaning the windows when it rains because they will just get dirty again.

Is it wrong? Yes!

Well, it is sort of right, but mostly wrong. Yes they will get dirty again, but rain does not make windows dirtier than before they had a clean!

Also, your window cleaner is there washing off weeks (maybe months) worth of accumulated dirt. A few hours rain could not possibly make them as dirty as all that!

Would you not bother washing your dirty dishes because they would only get dirty again next time you eat?

Additionally, if your windows are cleaned using Pure Water* then the dirt contained in the raindrops will be repelled more effectively.

📍Rain on dirty windows makes them dirtier.

* Pure (de-ionised) Water effectively reduces the static charge on glass which in turn repels dust and grime. This is in contrast with traditional methods which use detergents (that leave sticky residue) and rubber squeegees that create static (which attracts dust/dirt)

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