BENEFITS & LIMITS. Window cleaning is really very simple. The vast majority of the time, and where safe to do so, there is no better way to clean a window than by getting up close and manually cleaning it by hand. We will make sure that all the sills and frames are clean and the drips are wiped. Any plants or plant boxes can then be removed from the sill where safe to do so, cleaned underneath and then replaced. The cleaning inside process often need more thought and more care as it is so easy to knock over a vase, drip on carpets or mark curtains and walls. When we clean the inside, we remove our shoes or we use the shoe covers.

Sometimes a window cannot be safely reached by a ladder then we can clean outside from inside.

Because of our big ladders, we can safely reach most first and second floor windows to clean by hand. The most window cleaning can be done safely, by hand, from a ladder. Risk must be controlled at every step of the process. However the work is carried out, all work at height must be completed in line with our approved risk assessments.

We are very happy to clean your windows. Even more than just the windows.

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