FAQ’s on Gutter Cleaning & Professional Cleaning Services Available in London


If you think that mopping floors and cleaning windows of a house are only tasks that require your constant attention, then you need to re-check your facts. Just like other cleaning tasks, even gutter cleaning is important to keep your property well-maintained. You can either clean the gutters yourself or hire professional gutter cleaning services in London.

Why clogged gutters are bad?

When gutters of a commercial or residential building are blocked or clogged, occupants will experience the following problems:

Foundation Problems: Gutters are supposed to collect the rainwater and drain the excess water by downspout pipes. When gutters are blocked, water will collect on the roof and even begins to spill over the different sides of the walls of the home. This will cause cracks in walls and will weaken the property’s foundation in the long run.

Roof Leakage: Excess water present in the blocked gutters will sit against your property’s roof and may lead to rot or leakage. And fixing the roof is indeed an expensive process.

Attracting Pests: Damp debris invites bees, pests and other insects and gives them a warm invitation to build their nest. And you can imagine how your home would look if these uninvited guests will enter your house!

Do-it-yourself Tips to Clean Gutters

The foremost important thing to remember is to clean your gutters if you have safe access to the guttering system of your property. In case, you feel cleaning gutters without any professional assistance is risky, do not think twice before hiring professional gutter cleaning services in London.

Some of the best do-it-yourself tips to clean gutters are as follows:

1. Cleaning with Leaf Blower: A leaf blower is an effective tool to clean gutters as it sucks leaves by pushing out air with a force. Try to reach the gutter’s height with the help of a ladder and operate the handy tool. A word of caution is to try cleaning the gutters with a leaf blower only in dry weather conditions.

2. Gutter Scooping: Dry debris and leaves are easy to remove with a leaf blower. But when it comes to wet debris, the manual option is the best to exercise. Wear a full-sleeve shirt and gloves and scoop out clumps of dirt and mud manually. Repeat the activity two or three times to make gutters free of dirt and mud. Indeed, it is a time-consuming process but the scooping inexpensively cleans the gutters.

3. Power Washers: If your gutters are not in a bad condition and little cleaning is enough to improve their appearance, then make a small investment in power washers. These are powerful tools that can give a new lease of life to white UPVC and metal gutters. However, invest only when you have sufficient and easy access to fascias or soffits and cobwebs in gutters and in nearby areas.

How to prevent gutter blockages?

It is always better to use preventive methods to keep gutters in functional condition for a long time. As a preventative measure, use a gutter guard that sits along the length of the gutter and did not allow any large object to enter inside it. When you use a gutter guard, only those unwanted elements enter inside the gutters which easily drain away. You can also use debris filters or gutter traps for ensuring the free flow of gutter water into the downspouts. Using gutter guards and traps are economical ways to keep gutters clean.

If the problem of blocked gutter persists despite cleaning gutters manually and using these preventive measures, hiring professional gutter cleaning services in London is the last resort.

Is there any risk involved in doing gutter cleaning on your own?

The risk element always exists when a common person tries to clean the gutter by himself. Some of the risks involved are:

• Climbing a high ladder for cleaning the gutters may put you at risk of falling and injuring yourself.

• If you are using machines with no or little idea of their functionality, there are chances that you end up developing any cracks on the windows or walls of your home.

• The possibilities of electrocution are always high as scores of wires are located around roof’s gutters and while cleaning the gutters, you will never know when you will come in their contact.

Now, you can easily guess that gutter cleaning is a dangerous and tedious job. Therefore, it is advisable to hire professionals and avail their affordable and guaranteed services.

What does a professional gutter cleaning service includes?

You will get comprehensive cleaning solutions at affordable rates by hiring gutter cleaning services in London from a reputed company like Asher, Levi & Emmanuel Window Cleaning. The company offers the following services in gutter cleaning:

1. An inspection of the gutter area along with the pictures of blocked gutters
2. Removing all debris, leaves and twigs completely from the gutters
3. Collecting the debris in a bag for safe disposal
4. Taking photos of clean gutters and sharing them with clients

The gutter experts of the company even help clients by offering:

• Emergency gutter cleaning services in different areas of London
• Gutter repairing in case of emergencies
• Partial or complete replacement of guttering sections
• Regular gutter maintenance services
• New gutter finishing

The company offers excellent cleaning results with a guarantee of no blockage for one month. It is because the professional gutter cleaning team of the company uses industry-standard telescopic poles and other equipment for cleaning gutters. Moreover, the team is trained to clean gutters of high-rise buildings at various heights and in different weather conditions.

How prices are determined?

The professionals consider various factors before deciding the final gutter cleaning cost. These factors are as follows:

The Property Type: Based on the type of property, the gutter cleaning cost varies significantly. For instance, terraced, detached, semi-detached and end-of-terraced are a few kinds of properties with different sizes of guttering systems. The duration of cleaning gutters also varies with different kinds of property. For instance, the gutter of terraced property is easy to clean in an hour but semi-detached property demands minimum 2 hours for cleaning the gutter. So, professionals consider all these factors while calculating the total cost.

The Property Height: It is a no-brainer to guess that cleaning gutters of the first-floor building is easier than cleaning gutters located on the third floor. The professionals determine the tools required and the time taken for cleaning gutters based on their accessibility levels.

Other Services: If gutters require minor repairs or replacement, then the cost of the overall service will increase accordingly.

So, if you feel that hiring professional gutter cleaning services in London is the only way to maintain the gutters of your residential or commercial property in a safe condition, make your bookings today.

Simply call us or visit our office in person and protect your house from expensive and unnecessary repair services.