How do Different Methods of Commercial Window Cleaning Work?


You might have heard that companies offering residential window cleaning services also offer commercial window cleaning services in London. It is true also. In London, reputed and well-established companies offer both kinds of window cleaning services to customers at affordable rates. However, there is a huge difference between residential and commercial cleaning.

To define it simply, commercial window cleaning refers to the cleaning windows of businesses like hospitals, hotels, restaurants, commercial complexes, universities, etc. The methods and prices of commercial cleaning vary greatly owing to the structure of buildings, higher numbers of windows, involvement of more labor and more consumption of time. Before discussing methods of commercial cleaning, let’s take a quick look at the benefits of hiring professional services for commercial cleaning.

Benefits of commercial window cleaning services

When you hire a professional cleaning company, you will experience a range of benefits. Firstly, commercial window cleaners use industry-standard tools and equipment like water poles, harnesses, filtered water, eco-friendly cleaning solution, and lifts for cleaning high-rise and low-rise windows properly. When modern tools and techniques are used, getting smeared and the smudge-free windows will no more remain a distant dream.

Secondly, the air quality of the building plays an important role in increasing or decreasing the productivity of employees. When windows are laden with grime, dirt and dust, employees often experience health issues such as asthma or allergies. On the other hand, when windows are well-maintained, the inside environment of the building becomes work conducive and employees fall less ill.

Many commercial establishments agree that their domestic staff regularly clean commercial windows by using ordinary tools. Moreover, they are not professionally trained to clean commercial windows, which pose a huge risk to their life and the commercial property as well. So, when you hire a professional commercial window cleaning company, you hire those people who are trained to clean commercial windows at great heights and thus chances of accident become minimal.

Now, let’s uncover various methods used by professional cleaners for cleaning commercial windows.

Different Methods of Commercial Window Cleaning

The well-established companies usually adopt methods like abseiling, cherry pickers and water-fed poles for cleaning commercial windows located at different heights. Let’s discuss these methods one by one in detail:

1. Abseiling Rope Access Window Cleaning: An abseiling rope access method is adopted to clean high-rise windows and make them spotless. This method is ideal to clean the windows of a commercial building that comprises six or seven floors. The trained abseil technicians will primarily inspect the rooftop and fix eye bolts, anchors, and weight baskets that can easily hold weight up to 350 kgs. Then, they use sturdy ropes for coming down and cleaning every window stain. The workers, who are fully insured and trained as per the highest IRATA (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association) standards in rope access, perform the commercial window cleaning by abseiling rope.

2. Cherry Pickers Window Cleaning: With cherry pickers machines, it becomes possible to clean windows of high-rise structures with ease. Commonly referred to as cherry pickers, a professional cleaning team uses high-level lorry-mounted platforms and scissor lifts for handling heights over 300 feet. Only highly trained and fully insured cleaners are eligible to operate these machines for cleaning windows externally. Before starting any cleaning job, the professionals perform the site inspection and submit a detailed risk assessment report with the company. It is an extremely dangerous, time-consuming and expensive method; therefore the cherry picker commercial window cleaning method is the best to use for cleaning windows located at awkward heights or in extremely high-rise buildings.

3. Water-fed Poles Window Cleaning: It is one of the most cost-effective and quicker methods of window cleaning. The trained window cleaners easily clean windows up to the height of 80 feet via water-fed poles. It is a relatively new concept of window cleaning that gives streak-free results. The professionals of the company are easily able to access windows, which are located at a height of up to 80 feet (windows of 7th or 8th floors) from the ground. In this technique, 100% pure filtered water is pumped through carbon fibre telescopic water-fed poles for making windows dirt and smudge-free. This method virtually does not involve any Health and Safety risks, thereby making it the safest and the cost-effective method of commercial window cleaning.

Amongst all methods, the water-fed poles window cleaning method is the most popular window cleaning method used by companies like Asher, Levi and Emmanuel Window Cleaning Company for cleaning windows of medium and small-sized commercial establishments. Some of the advantages of using this method over other methods are as follows:

• It is the best method for cleaning windows up to 80 feet, signs, skylights, glass roofs, facades and canopies with ease.
• It uses filtered water that leaves behind zero mineral deposits or residues after a thorough cleaning.
• This method is ideal to clean glass windows as well as sills and frames at no extra cost.
• Simple window cleaning jobs are easy to accomplish easily and safely i.e. without using ladders.
• It is a 100% safe method as professional window cleaners operate from the ground level.
• Last but not the least; it is an eco-friendly method as does not involve any use of chemicals.

How often one should hire commercial window cleaning services?

The location of your building and the type of property are two factors that need to assess to get an answer to how often one should hire professional window cleaning solutions. Generally, experts believe that a commercial building like a multi-storied office should avail professional window cleaning solutions a minimum three times a year.

On the other hand, if the commercial building comprises a retail store or restaurant and is located in a high-traffic area such as on the highway or a busy street, the windows tend to get dirty quickly and hence, require cleaning more often. So, try to hire professional solutions a minimum once a month if your building is located in a high-traffic area. Else, you can hire cleaning services once every two months. Every kind of healthcare building should not compromise on the safety aspects of occupants. Therefore, they should schedule commercial window cleaning services once a month or even more frequently. Similarly, if your area in London receives a lot of rainfall, the mineral deposits left behind by the acidic rain will give the impression of dirt marks on windows, thus you need to hire cleaning services more often.

In case, you are unable to decide the right time to avail commercial window cleaning services, speak to the professionals. They will inspect the windows’ condition of your property and guide you regarding when to schedule the cleaning. So, what are you waiting for? Make a call to Asher, Levi and Emmanuel Window Cleaning company and schedule your cleaning service today!