5 Cons of Unclean Window Glasses Answered by Window Cleaners in Kensingston


Just like washing utensils and cleaning floors religiously, do you follow the same concept in cleaning the windows of your house or office? We are not surprised if you give a non-affirmative response. Window cleaning in Kensington is one household chore that homeowners prefer to do as per their comfort level. For them, a sticky floor is a matter of concern but not dirt-laden windows as dirty windows do not cause any adverse health effects. But it is a myth.

Dirty windows cause a lot of issues when left untreated. To understand this, keep reading further:

1. Huge Damage: Glass is a highly porous material that collects dirt over time. When dirt or pigmented spots accumulate over time, it causes a loss of transparency and makes them fragile. Similarly, hard minerals, oxidization, acid rain, sea spray, etc., are certain factors that reduce the lifespan of windows and lead to breakage. Avoiding these enemies not only causes harm to the windows but also proves detrimental to human life as no one can predict when they break down. Therefore, whenever you observe streak marks, oil or dirt marks on windows, hire a professional window cleaning company in Kensington and on a priority basis.

2. Creates Poor Impression: The exterior view of the building i.e. outer look and feel of a building leaves a significant impact on onlookers’ minds. Cleaner the windows, the better would be the impression and vice-versa. Dirty and oil-laden windows give an impression of the careless attitude of property owners. On the other hand, clean windows attract more clients to the business and create a welcoming environment for them. Moreover, many property buyers state that the clients are happy to purchase properties with clean windows and even pay higher prices for such properties. So, believe it or not, clean windows do have a sub-conscious effect on the visitors’ minds and fetch better prices also in the market.

3. High Maintenance in Long Run: Scratches on glasses, glass spots, mould growth, etc., are some of the tell-tale signs if ignored for a long time may cause huge damage. And glass once destroyed or broken needs the complete replacement, which is an expensive process. So, a wise decision is to save yourself from huge losses and mental trauma by hiring window cleaning companies in Kensington as soon as you notice dirt and other spots on your glasses.

4. Reduces Heat Efficiency: It is a no-brainer to understand that dirty windows do affect the heat efficiency of a building adversely. The presence of dirt particles on the glass surface prevents the sunlight from naturally warm up the building. The matter becomes worse during the cold seasons leading to an increase in the electricity bill. So, reduce your electricity bill in winters by allowing the sunlight to penetrate through the clean glass during the cold seasons.

5. Bad Look & Feel: Clean windows not only provide a better view but make you feel better as well. Many studies reveal that even clean windows play a pivotal role in improving the moods and efficiency of workers. Thus, keep windows naturally spotless to get a beautiful outer view and to keep employees productive.

So, now you will think twice before postponing the window cleaning task. Right? However, the choice is truly yours whether you want to clean windows manually or are interested in hiring a Kensington-based window cleaning company. Well, when you have so many household chores need to perform on weekends why add one more to the list? Allow professional window cleaners to do this task with perfection.

How Often to Clean Windows?

This is an interesting question but difficult to answer. The reason is there is no one concrete answer. Based on certain conditions and environments, one should decide the right time to clean windows. For instance, if you live close to the main road, the windows will attract dirt quickly. Thus, prefer cleaning them once or twice a week. But if you live near a busy road and rain is a common phenomenon, you can reduce the frequency to once a week.

Similarly, if you run any store or restaurant near a busy road or near a sea, sources of sand or industrial dust, you cannot take the risk of keeping the windows in a dirty condition for a long time. Try to clean them once a week. And if you are unable to get 100% cleaning results, hire professional cleaners to increase the appeal of the property.

How to Choose a Professional Window Cleaning Company, Kensington?

Believe it, finding a reputed and affordable window cleaning company in London is not a hard nut to crack. A few efforts from your side are enough to get in touch with a reputed company and avail their services. The easiest way to find a trustworthy cleaning company is to take references from friends and family members residing in other parts of London. You can even take the references from your neighbors. If you get any references, contact the company, discuss your requirements, take a non-obligatory quote and hire them.

In case you are unable to get any recommendations, spend some time and energy in finding a local and trustworthy service provider like Asher, Levi & Emmanuel Window Cleaning Company. Speak to them over the phone, disclose your requirements, and understand their modus operandi and pricing policy before signing any contract. If possible, pay a visit to their office and discuss everything in a detailed manner.

If possible speak to the existing clients of the company to get a clear-cut idea about their work quality. If the client is satisfied with its services and the company offers window cleaning in Kensington, do not make a delay in hiring them. While signing the contract, read the terms and conditions carefully. If you want to avail other cleaning solutions as well such as gutter cleaning and patio pressure washing from the company, club them together with window cleaning to get a good discount. As per your availability, make bookings for weekends.