Window Cleaning by Hand: Safe & Effective When Professionals Perform


Over time, grime and pollution marks accumulate over windows’ glasses slowly which obstruct their view and even block the sunlight. Thus, it is necessary to keep cleaning windows at regular intervals to maintain their appeal. A few years back, people clean windows via traditional methods i.e. by hand. Now, the question is does window cleaning by hand make windows spotless? The answer is Yes. It is by far the best way to clean windows with perfection by removing every kind of streak mark and making windows spotless. Some other benefits of window cleaning by hand are as follows:

1. Ensures Complete Window Cleaning: When you clean windows manually, you get the opportunity to clean dirty frames and sills as well. This results in comprehensive window cleaning.

2. Cost-Effective: It is a cost-effective way to clean windows as a person does not require any additional tools or equipment. Moreover, equipment and tools required for window cleaning such as a bucket, a cleaner, soft cloth, squeegee, small ladders, etc., come with an inexpensive price tag.

3. No Professional Skills Required: Yes, you guessed it right! For cleaning windows manually, you do not require any professional skill or undertake any kind of training. The basic knowledge is enough to give the desired results.

These are the main factors that motivate every homeowner to give a try window cleaning by hand himself. But after trying for two or three attempts, he gets to know that spotless results are hard to achieve. Moreover, he finds cleaning windows externally is a risky job especially if he lives on the first floor or above a building. And this is the point when he realizes that the professional window cleaning is the best.

Professional Offers Excellent & Safe Results

The team of the professional cleaning company is highly trained as well as motivated. As per rules and regulations of the country, the cleaners are professional trained to clean different kinds of windows at different heights. They know the right techniques of cleaning dirt, grime, and grease marks from windows by using the right tools. Moreover, they ensure to clean high-rise windows externally by using modern equipment like ladders and water-fed poles. Many window companies like Asher Levi & Emanuel Window Cleaning Services are still using traditional methods i.e. window cleaning by hand for external window cleaning. While cleaning windows by using ladders, they ensure to stay safe and take necessary precautions for minimizing the risk factor.

A common notion amongst people is internal cleaning is less risky and easy due to no involvement of ladders. But the fact is another way around. Cleaning windows internally involves different levels of risk. When a professional cleaner cleans windows internally by hand, indubitably, it is less risky but he needs to be more vigilant so that he does not drop any vase, leave any marks on curtains and walls, etc. Thus, they devote extra time to remove furniture pieces any other fragile item which may result in any kind of damage. Once cleaning work gets over, they re-arrange these materials.

Safety Matters

Health and safety issues strongly encourage professional window cleaning companies to follow the safety protocols while performing residential and commercial window cleaning jobs. These safety precautions are as follows:

1. They cannot use ladders for cleaning any window above 9 meters. This implies it is possible to clean windows by hand till the second floor of a building.

2. All cleaners are instructed to wear masks and gloves while cleaning windows.

3. They need to remove their shoes while cleaning windows internally. Else they can wear the shoe covers issued by the companies.

4. They need to follow the guidelines of social distancing.

5. There is no special education for working as a professional window cleaner but professional training is mandatory.

Thus, these companies ensure to minimize the risk factor at every step for the best and safe results. So, it is not wrong to say that picking the right equipment and following the safety protocol are the two factors that make professional window cleaning effective and safe. Feel free to call a professional window cleaning company and get good and long-lasting results within your budget.

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